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The Green Battery
January 2012

"Bizarre Battery Facts - Weird and Wacky Battery Tips
(this may be slightly overhyping what is to follow............)

An electric eel works just like a battery - the head acts as the positive pole and the tail is the negative pole. They can discharge 350 - 650 volts of electricity, enough to power 12 household light bulbs. No electric eels were harmed in researching this interesting fact, nor does All Battery Sales and Service condone using electric eels to power your appliances.

When I don't have an overwhelming "battery recycling issue" burning to be released from my environmentally friendly soul, I fall back on "Wacky Battery Stuff". But first, something useful:

Winter Battery Tips
But's cold, your poor automobile battery is suffering. When the temperature drops below freezing, your battery loses one third of it's power. When the mercury drops below zero, your battery can lose 50% of it's go power! So try this stuff on for size:
1) Clean your battery terminals with a wire brush and/or using a baking soda and water mixture to remove the corrosion. You know what it's like trying to drink a milkshake with a straw that's been pinched? That's what it's like for your poor battery with corroded terminals.
2) Get your battery tested. In fact, why don't you get the charging system tested as well? It's usually a free service at auto parts stores. All Battery Sales and Service will be happy to check your charging system as well! This way you'll know if your battery is the problem or something else, and you won't be sitting in the grocery store parking lot at 9:30pm in the wind and rain. Because let's face it, your battery never dies when it's sunny and 75 degrees with a bunch of friendly people around to help you.

How to Properly Jumpstart Your Car
So if you didn't take care of what was suggested above, and you are in the parking lot with a dead battery, and some Good Samaritan has offered to jumpstart your car, what do you need to know? First thing you need to know is you could do some serious damage to your vehicle. "How come?" you ask. "Jumping your car used to be as easy as changing my tire!!" Well that was before they put so much computer and electronic gear in the car that you now need an advanced degree to change the oil. And when you think about it, changing your tires is no treat now that they gave us those useless car jacks to deal with and the little toy spare. The State Patrol will no longer jump your car because of the liability issues that can result in on board computers going kaput and alternators being fried.
But let's say your'e a brave and desperate soul:
You have your vehicles lined up so the cables can reach both batteries and you've determined the positive (+) and negative (-) terminals.
1) Clamp one end of the positive jumper cable (usually red) to the positive terminal on the dead battery; clamp the other end of the positive jumper to the positive terminal on the live battery.
2) Here's where you might learn something. Clamp the negative jumper cable (usually black) to the negative terminal on the live battery; clamp the other end to an UNPAINTED METAL SURFACE on the vehicle with the dead battery, such as an exhaust manifold or non aluminum part of the engine. Some vehicles that have their battery in difficult spots to access have a positive power terminal that can be used to attach the positive cable too. Please be aware that a polarity mistake or even a spark generated by voltage difference can let the smoke out of an onboard computer or either vehicles alternator, both of which will cost hundreds of dollars to repair if not more. DO NOT ATTACH TO THE NEGATIVE TERMINAL! Why not? Because it could spark and potentially ignite battery fumes. Definitely not cool.
3) After a few minutes your dead battery should have enough juice to get you going, so try starting your engine. Disconnect the jumper cables in reverse order of connecting after your successful jump.

I doubt you knew this: If you hold one nostril closed for 72 hours you will lose the ability to see color. (Man does not live by battery minutiae alone;and please don't try to verify this interesting "fact")

Ni-CD is the worst toxic waste offender of modern, mercury free batteries. One mobile phone or power tool battery can pollute 600,000 litres of water. And if your'e not British, that works out to be about one third of an Olympic size pool filled with poisoned water.
In 1927 a car battery cost $70 while a typical car also cost $70. Today a car battery can still cost $70 and a new car costs...................

Superstar of the Recycling Industry
The automobile battery is the most recycled product in the United States. For the 10th consecutive year automotive batteries topped the list of recycled consumer products with a recycling rate of 98%. If only household batteries could follow suit..........................

A goldfish has a memory span of 3 seconds ( Are they saying that's bad?)

What's so great about a Lithium-Ion battery?
Besides being rechargeable, Lithium-Ion batteries have several advantages over other rechargeable chemistries. They have higher energy density than the other guys. This means that for their  size and weight they can store more energy  than the average Joe. They also operate at higher voltages than other rechargeables; typically 3.7 volts for Li-Ion versus 1.2 volts for NiMH or NiCD. Lithium-Ion batteries also have a lower self discharge. Summary: Li-Ion batteries can be smaller, lighter and have a higher voltage and hold their charge much longer than other rechargeable batteries.

The energy used to manufacture primary and secondary (rechargeables) batteries is 50 times greater than the electrical energy they produce when discharged.  Hmmm.

Oh, about that electric eel. He's pretty unique in emulating a battery. There are other candidates in nature you might think would be in the running, like oh, say, the firefly. Not the case. The fireflies delightful light is not the work of a natural battery, but a chemical reaction called "bioluminescence".  Nothing more fun than catching these rascals on a summer night! Too bad Washington State doesn't have them.
Interested in critters that can generate some voltage? Check out this link (it shows how you can power next year's Christmas tree with your pet electric eel!):

If you’d like to arrange battery recycling for your business or community, or receive more information, please hit HERE and if you are a household consumer, please visit our website to see locations of businesses and municipalities that will graciously recycle your batteries at no charge: Dry Chemistry Public Drop off Locations.

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Thanks for reading and please recycle ALL batteries.
Jack Bradbury
Recycling Coordinator
All Battery Sales and Service
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