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Divisions of All Battery Sales and Service


The Accessory Division handles local sales by means of driving out to their customers stores, as well as handling customers that walk in to our main store located in Everett, Washington. With over 20,000 different items from over 100 different vendors, the Accessory division are experts in what they sell. Continuously bringing in new and updated items, handling recalls of the products we sell and aiding customers in technical knowledge, it is our goal to supply you with your one-stop-shop for all your battery and Automotive accessory needs. Combined with the Online Division, we now ship our accessories across the united states and over-seas, supplying our customers with outstanding and honest customer service, and all while keeping our prices low and competitive.

Phone: 425-743-7677
Toll Free: 800-562-3212

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS SYSTEMS)

Services available in:
Alaska, Arizona, California, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah & Washington State.

The Back up Power Division specializes in preventative maintenance, battery updates and environmentally friendly battery recycling and core credits for your Back Up Power Supply system. With our professionally trained team, we offer our services in Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington State. We have the ability to store the testing data and information and monitor trending of the batteries to optimize the battery life. Our staff is trained in both sealed batteries (VRLA) and in vented (flooded) cells. Our battery technicians undergo continued training in battery technology (including Cell-Watch Systems) and are kept up to date on standards and practices that are in place for quality and safety.

For battery replacements / updates we are the largest battery supplier in the Pacific Northwest and can offer you great pricing as well as customer service with your complete satisfaction in mind. We supply batteries from C&D, UNIGY by East Penn, CSB, Interstate Battery, Universal Battery, Discovery, and many more. Our warehouse and stocking facility ensures that we will have the quantity and size of batteries you are looking for. We can also install these batteries as our trained technicians are fully capable of handling installs of various sizes from the single cell replacement to entire battery room updates. Please contact our Backup Power Division and set-up a time for consultation where we can meet with you and determine what service is best for your company. This letter will be followed with a phone call to answer any questions you may have.
  • C&D
  • CSB
  • UNIGY (by East Penn)

  • Battery life optimization
  • Battery monitoring
  • Battery replacements
  • Battery recycling
  • Battery updates
  • Core credits
  • Preventative Maintenance

Phone: 503-395-4011
Toll Free: 800-562-3212

(The Green Battery Newsletter)

Services available in: Washington State Only
(Exceptions made for Back Up Power Supply Customers)

Since All Battery Sales and Service opened its doors in 1979 they have been an industry leader in the recycling of automotive lead acid batteries. They led the push to recycle well before the passing of legislation in 1989 that made lead acid battery recycling mandatory in Washington. In 2008 All Battery Sales and Service' General Manager, Chuck Allen, decided that recycling dry chemistry batteries (rechargeable, household, AA, AAA, D, 9volt, etc.) was the right thing to do and started a recycling division based on the successful lead acid model.

In 2011 All Battery Sales and Service searched for new ways to recycle alkaline batteries economically and responsibly. Prior to July 2012 all alkaline batteries were shipped to a final recycling destination in Mesa, Arizona, where the batteries were broken down and recycled as construction filler material, low grade steel products and crop nutrients. Obviously the cost of shipping and the carbon footprint that was expended made this recycling solution costly in several ways. Contact was made with local industry and arrangements were made to ship waste alkaline batteries directly to these local plants for repurposing. This recycling solution allowed All Battery Sales and Service to drastically cut recycling costs to counties, municipalities and businesses. The solution also opened the door to discussions with battery manufacturers regarding stewardship of recycling. Currently All Battery Sales and Service is involved in developing test Stewardship Projects that could go nationwide by 2013. These projects are aimed at redirecting responsibility for recycling waste batteries from the local governments to the battery manufacturers. With the economical and transferable model that All Battery Sales and Service has established, this goal is attainable.

The Battery Recycling Division specializes in the recycling of ALL batteries in the Washington State area, as well as taking care of the batteries brought to us by the Back Up Power Division. All Battery Sales and Service will accept any dry chemistry battery for recycling, saving you or your company 30% to 40% compared to "mail in box programs". We provide 5 gallon buckets for collection of batteries in shops and warehouses and acrylic tubes for offices, libraries, and retail outlets.

Our Battery Recycling Division will work with you to develop a recycle program that is right for your needs. Available collection containers include acrylic tubes for retail or public locations, 5 gallon buckets for shops and warehouses, 55 gallon drums and pallet sized Gaylord boxes for large quantity generators.

The Battery Recycling Division Manager also produces a monthly newsletter titled "The Green Battery" that focuses on Battery Recycling news, facts and other useful information.

For more information or to set up an account with our Battery Recycling Division, please contact us and we'll do our best to suit your needs!
Phone: 425-743-7677 xt: 247
Toll Free: 800-562-3212 xt: 247

Industrial Battery Division
Industrial Battery & Charger Sales and Services

Services available in: Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington State.
PLEASE NOTE: Our services in the Industrial Division are limited to a coverage area around our current locations, and not available across the Untied States.

The All Battery Sales and Service Industrial Division not only sell new and reconditioned batteries, but also have a technical support staff to service and maintain them as well. Being in the business since 1979, our staff is composed of factory trained service technicians; fully qualified to repair any industrial brand battery or charger. We also have the Largest Inventory of new and used batteries, chargers, parts and accessories for fast & easy delivery!

Services and Supplies :

  • Industrial Batteries (East Penn)
  • Battery Chargers (Act, Ametek, AES, Stanbury, PosiCharge)
  • Battery Handling (BHS, MTC)
  • Watering Systems (BWT, Philly-SCI, Flowrite)
  • Accessories
  • Service and Parts
  • PM's & Maintenance
  • On-Site Inspections
  • Battery Training
  • Re-Conditioned Batteries and Chargers
  • EPA Certified Scrap Recycler
  • Environmentally Safe "On-Site" Battery Wash
  • Fast & Easy Delivery

  • The Industrial Division has four locations in Washington, Oregon and Idaho to serve you with PM (Periodic Maintenance) service and environmentally safe battery washes at your facility, as well as being an EPA certified scrap recycler; it is our goal to provide you with the best and most convenient service available.

    Please give us a call with any questions at 800-562-3212 and ask for the Industrial Department.
    Departments by State:
      IDAHO ~ Meridian
        Sales: 208-860-7389
        Service: 208-866-8405

      OREGON ~ Portland
        Sales: 503-805-4448
        Service: 503-254-9554

      WASHINGTON STATE ~ Everett
      (Corporate Office):
        Toll Free: 800-562-3212
        Local: 425-743-7677

        Sales: 800-562-3212
        Service: 509-378-4838


    The All Battery Sales and Service Online Division is responsible for maintaining the company website as well as aiding the Accessory Department in customer questions about Accessory Items. The Online Division also handles all MSDS requests, as well as supplying our customers with the manuals and data sheets of products sold. As the company continues to expand across the Untied States, we wanted to offer our customers easy access to the accessory items (and applicable manuals) we can supply; and reach across the world to supply new customers with the great products we distribute.
    Toll Free: 888-562-9501

    Interstate Battery Distributor

    Interstate Battery Distributors are everywhere across the United States and some even Over-Seas. With a distribution so vast, it's easy to find a dealer near you, to find the battery you require. Due to this, each distributor of Interstate Batteries are focused upon their Market Area, and will not sell batteries outside of it. Our market area for Interstate is all of Western Washington south to the King Pierce county line. To find the dealer nearest you, please visit Interstate Batteries website at or give them a call at 866-842-5368 to reach their corporate office, or give us a call at 800-562-3212 and we can help you find the dealer nearest you.
    Toll Free: 800-562-3212

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