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Century Plastics: Heavy Duty Battery Box - Holds (2) 6 Volt Golf Cart

Century Plastics: Heavy Duty Battery Box - Holds (2) 6 Volt Golf Cart

Item #: GCE-G

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Century Plastics Heavy Duty
Dual 6 Volt Battery Box (part#: GCE-G)


Are you wanting to clean up the look of your Truck, RV, Camper and/or Trailer? The Century Plastic's Battery Boxes are just what you need! Being fully composed of 3/16" Polyethylene, these white "plastic" boxes are strong, flexible and light - and with many different designs, they fit almost all our customers needs! The durable nature of the Heavy Duty Polyethylene Battery Boxes surprises most, with being just a little bit flexible where it needs to be - but remaining strong enough to contain the batteries, even on rough terrain.

The Century Plastics Battery Boxes are designed to contain corrosive battery fluids, while maintaining an environmentally safe haven for your batteries.

Every battery box is shipped with a lid.



  • Comes with Battery Box & Lid.
  • Designed to hold two 6-Volt batteries (End to End).
  • Fully Composed of 3/16" Heavy Duty Polyethylene.

  • sturdy
  • stackable
  • universal cable holes
  • translucent white
  • leak-proof
  • corrosion-proof

    The following dimensions are taken from the OUTSIDE of the battery box
    The polyurethane is 3/16" thick.
    Dimensions With Lid On:
  • LENGTH:  22 3/8"
  • WIDTH:   8 1/2"
  • HEIGHT:  13"

  • Dimensions of Base Only:
  • LENGTH:  21 3/8"
  • WIDTH:   7 3/4"
  • HEIGHT:  12 3/4"


    How do I know my battery will fit?
    Most batteries follow a universal group size listing. Wither you buy a 6 Volt battery from Trojan or one from Interstate Batteries - they will be simular in size, and should fit in their respective boxes, only being different in size by mere fraction(s) of an inch. These boxes are designed to be snug, but also leave a little room for flexibility; although we do recommend for your safety (and saving of money) to measure your battery before purchasing.

    How does the lid attach to the battery box?
    The lid of all Century Plastics battery boxes simply sit on-top of the box, using a 1 inch "lip" to be held in place.

    Does the battery box come with mounting hardware?
    No, there is no mounting hardware for the Century Plastics battery box.

    How do you secure the battery box to the vehicle?
    Some customers have reported that using simple 1 inch motorcycle cargo straps work very well and can be purchased cheap at any automotive or hardware store; while others have mentioned building fabricated frames to hold the box in place.

    Manufacturer Profile:
    Century Plastics is one of Western Canada's leading manufacturers of moulded plastic products since 1978. From battery boxes to blueberry bins, from 2400 gallon vertical storage tanks to 5 gallon potable water tanks, from fish totes to trash and recycling bins, they design and manufacture a wide variety of products.

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