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Fabric Loom

Fabric Loom is a product that was once widely used in the Automotive Industry, though over time it has broadened it's range and is now included on many electrical components. The saying of "They don't make them like they used to'" doesn't apply to this product. Wither your restoring a classic automobile to it's original look or looking for something to tidy up those wires as well as protect them from chaffing and heat, choose the one that has shown it's effectiveness through the trials of time.

JT&T: 3/16" Asphalt-Coated Fabric Loom (50 Feet)
Item #: 4270
Your Price: $31.78 / EACH

JT&T: 1/4" Fabric Loom (50 Feet)
Item #: 4271
Your Price: $42.95 / EACH

JT&T: 3/8" Fabric Loom (50 Feet)
Item #: 4272
Your Price: $35.64 / EACH

JT&T: 1/2" Fabric Loom (50 Feet)
Item #: 4273
Your Price: $44.60 / EACH

JT&T: 3/4" Fabric Loom (25 Feet)
Item #: 4275
Your Price: $44.26 / EACH

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